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Customer: „I want a new 3DS, do you have any Bundles?“

GS: „Yeah we do, but I can offer you a used New 3DS, so you can make your own bundle.“

Customer: „No, I want a new 3DS.“

GS: „We speak of the same. I can offer you a used New 3DS.“

Customer: „What is it now, used or new?“

GS: „Used, but it’s the New 3DS, we just traded our first one in.“

Customer: „Whatever. Just give me a new 3DS.“

GS: „Well then let it be the used one. Choose one of our used Games and I’ll give you 30% on it.“

Customer: „I lose my patience here. I just want a new 3DS, so don’t fuck with me.“

GS: „Aaaah, I get an idea. So you mean a new New 3DS?“

Customer: „Da fuck? Yeah sure new, as in ’new‘!“

GS: „But our used New 3DS is newer than our new 3DS systems. What about…“

Customer: „Fuck you, GameStop!“

GS: „But, but… I just wanted to explain you the different models. Wait!“

„Shit, I could have made a fortune! Fuck you, Nintendo!“


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34 Kommentare zu “New New
  1. moep0r sagt:

    Oh man, da habe ich noch gar nicht dran gedacht. Cleverer Move von Nintendo, die Haendler nur noch Neugeraete verkaufen zu lassen ;D

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